What are All the Cases that Come Under Emergency Dentistry?

What are All the Cases that Come Under Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry involves simple yet essential procedures that can make or break a client’s pearly whites, hence the term “emergency.” Whether it be a broken tooth or extreme toothache, all require urgent attention to relieve your pain and prevent further damage. When in need of emergency dentistry for a problem like this, there are dental clinics available that can help. These dentists offer emergency dentistry services at offices, including evening and weekend availability. If you require a dentist urgently, these dental experts get your back or teeth however you want to view them.

Today, let’s talk about emergency dentistry, how it works, what cases can be accommodated by this line of work, and what procedures are to be done. Read until the end and discover if emergency dentistry is necessary.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry provides urgent attention when you have a sudden, painful tooth problem. Emergency dentists make available patients who need to be seen urgently, offering pain relief and treatment to resolve or stabilize your or your child’s condition. 

If you need emergency dentistry, these dental experts may also have daily evening office hours at all their locations. Emergency dentistry also takes walk-ins seven days a week and continues working through lunchtime.

Difference Between Emergency Dentists and General Dentists

Both emergency dentistry and general dentistry experts are trained to provide dental services to patients in need, whether for urgent issues or simple routine care. However, each dentist is different in a few ways.

Emergency dentists are trained to deal with abrupt injuries, while general ones provide more routine services. While certain general dentistry offices can address emergencies, not all can. In turn, emergency dentistry can treat general dental problems but tend to offer services other than those.

The assistance of an emergency dentist is vital for some dental trauma. As an example, there is no sense in seeing a regular dentist if you have nearly unbearable oral pain resulting from teeth being knocked out from a car accident, sports injury, or slip or fall.

Cases When You Might Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Typically, people might need to call for emergency dentistry services for problems such as the following:

Cracked or Broken Teeth

It can be excruciating if you crack or break a tooth, particularly if the tooth root, which is full of nerves, is exposed. Without prompt treatment, you could also develop an infection.

Lost Filling or Crown

Crowns or fillings are meant to protect already damaged teeth. It is, therefore, vital that you seek immediate help with emergency dentistry when you notice that they are missing. Missing crowns or fillings often indicate underlying problems, such as cavities. Also, there is the danger of increased sensitivity to the affected tooth and further deterioration.

Lost Tooth

If a permanent tooth falls out or is knocked out in an accident, it might be possible to save it if you act quickly. Keep the tooth in your cheek or milk, and contact emergency dentistry experts immediately.

Post-Dental Surgery Complications

If you notice anything abnormal after a dental procedure, make sure to immediately seek emergency dentistry services to determine if the recovery process is going well. This scenario is crucial for surgical treatments as it could indicate an infection.

Swollen Jaw

Swelling, severe pain, or inability to open your jaw could indicate dental emergencies.

Tooth Root Infection

Symptoms such as extreme pain when you bite down and dark, discolored gums could be signs of a severe infection deep inside the tooth.

Emergency dentistry is also needed when you are bleeding from the mouth or have suffered trauma to your teeth, tongue, cheeks, jaw, or lips. However, your need for emergency dental care is unrestricted in these unfortunate situations. Whenever you feel uncomfortable and cannot wait for a dentist’s appointment, you can ease your worry by checking into an emergency dental clinic.

Available Emergency Dentistry Services

Emergency dentistry provides a range of emergency services, including the following:

  • Abscess drainage
  • Adjustments or repairs to dentures
  • Repairs of existing crowns or bridges
  • Root canals
  • Surgical extractions
  • Tooth fillings
  • Tooth splints

The dentists have the latest dental technologies on-site to help identify the cause of your pain, including digital X-rays, digital panorex or full mouth X-rays, and 3D CBCT or cone-beam computed tomography.

They aim to resolve your emergency dentistry situation the same day and can handle most problems in-house. However, they can refer you to a specialist if they can’t perform a complex root canal or extraction.

If you need emergency dentistry, call the nearest emergency dentist or walk to your nearest branch for prompt, expert attention. For routine care, call or book online today.

Preparedness for Dental Emergencies

Avoid stress and more significant problems by learning about emergency dentistry. It is a dental department concerned with unforeseen dental issues that require immediate attention—picture situations getting yourself into a fight or an accident that accidentally knocks out a tooth or more. Or maybe you are suddenly experiencing extreme tooth pain that cannot wait for your regular dentist appointment. 

In situations like these, the sooner you get medical help, the quicker the problem will be solved and avoid even more significant damage to your dental health. Familiarizing yourself with an emergency dentistry clinic exclusively for handling emergency cases would be best.

Importance of Knowing an Emergency Dentist?

It saves you the panic and stress during an emergency

Finding emergency dentistry experts in your area can be overwhelming, especially during an accident or urgent medical need. And even if you know of a good dentist, there is no guarantee that they may be available to see you on short notice. 

Therefore, it is essential and much easier for you to search for an emergency dentist before an emergency happens. Look through various clinics and identify which are well equipped to handle a range of dental emergencies, then make your pick.

Ensures faster treatment

The sooner you get medical help following an accident can make a big difference between saving your tooth or losing it. There is also the risk of infections that come with dental injuries, and faster treatment means avoiding additional health issues. So, besides ensuring quick relief for your injury, emergency dentistry care will significantly reduce the possible side effects of a dental injury.

Final Thoughts on Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is your safety blanket whenever small things go the other way around, and you want things handled immediately. Make sure you have the contact information of your nearest dental expert just in case you need services for emergency dentistry.

If you are looking for emergency dentistry experts, our amazing friends at Solomon Family Dentistry can help you today.

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