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//Chipped Teeth and Emergency Dentist in Charleston, SC

Chipped Teeth and Emergency Dentist in Charleston, SC

Chipped Teeth and Emergency Dentist in Charleston, SC

Emergency Dentist | If you’ve chipped or cracked a tooth due to some type of accident or trauma, it can be very painful and worrisome and an emergency dentist in Charleston, SC may be just what you need, instead of waiting for an appointment time. There are several solutions to a chipped or cracker tooth that your dentist can do depending on how severe the damage is.

The process of dental bonding can be performed for a cracked or mildly chipped tooth. Dental bonding includes carefully missing, applying, and shaping tooth colored plastic adhesive to cover or fill the damaged tooth. After the plastic adhesive is applied, the dentist will expose it to ultraviolet light that hardens it and secures it in place. This procedure can be easily and quickly performed and most report little to no pain during dental bonding. Plus, no anesthesia is required. Don’t drink or eat any dark colored foods or liquids for 48 hours after the dental bonding is in place because its susceptible to staining. Dental bonding should be monitored with regular check ups after your emergency dentist has completed the procedure.

In more extreme situations, when the tooth chipping it too large or severe, your emergency dentist may suggest a dental crown, partial crown, or even a veneer instead of dental bonding. This may be especially the case for front teeth. Your Charleston emergency dentist can apply a crown or veneer with a special permanent adhesive after they remove a small amount of enamel to make sure it’s a comfortable fit.

If you’ve experienced any type of trauma or been in some sort of accident causing a cracked or chipped tooth, don’t delay the pain relief. Seek an emergency dentist in Charleston like Solomon Family Dentistry and find out more information about your options.

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