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//How to Find An Emergency Dentist When you are in Crisis

How to Find An Emergency Dentist When you are in Crisis

There are times when you have a dental issue that can wait until office hours, and others when you can’t. When you have a dental emergency, you need to be seen immediately. You can go to an emergency room, but likely they will refer you out to an emergency dentist anyway. So your best bet is to go directly to the dentist. But before you simply Google “emergency dentist near me,” and head to the first one that pops up, it is important to look for these things to make sure that your emergency is taken care of.

Hours of Operation

Although some dentists might label themselves as “emergency dentists,” that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are open when you need them to be. Not all emergency dentists operate around the clock, or even have extended hours. Some advertise as emergency because you don’t need an appointment, but have limited hours. That means that you might be seen around their schedule, but not necessarily when an emergency happens. So when Googling, make sure to read the information thoroughly and call ahead just to verify.

Not all Have Every Service you Need

Again, emergency dentistry can have a lot of connotations around it. When you Google “emergency dentist near me” make sure that they have all that you would need on premises to treat whatever condition you are dealing with. Some dentists might be able to put a bandaid on the problem and tie you over, while others are full-service and can take care of whatever ails you, literally.

Experience Level

You want to make sure that an emergency dentist has the experience to really handle any emergency. Although you might be in a hurry, you want to take the time to read the reviews. Reviews are one of the best ways to know how previous clients feel about the care they have been given. An emergency is an emergency, but you should still take the time to ensure that you are going to someone who you can trust to get your treatment taken care of and the best way possible.

Call Ahead

Even if an emergency dentist says that they can handle any emergency and they are available all hours, it is always best to pick up a phone to call and ensure they can handle it when you need them to. The last thing you want is to end up sitting for hours on end in a waiting room when you are in pain and need to be seen. There might be an occasion where there is a short wait, but calling ahead instead of just heading to the office is always a better way to go.

When you have a dental emergency, you need to be seen immediately. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Googling “emergency dentists near me,” and going with the first dentist that pops up is the best way to go. Try to take a deep breath, consider what you might need, place a call and ensure that you are going to get the best care possible by investigating a dentist if you’ve never gone to them before. A little due diligence is a must when you are dealing with your dental health.

At Solomon Dentistry, we are here when you need us and can handle any dental emergency. Contact us today for specific questions related to whatever you are concerned about.

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