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//Can a Family Dentist Serve All of Your Family’s Needs?

Can a Family Dentist Serve All of Your Family’s Needs?

As medicine has gotten more sophisticated, physicians typically choose a specialty area to practice. When it comes to dentistry, dental healthcare providers need special training and qualifications to handle various populations and issues. The latest trend in dental care is for dentists to obtain a wide variety of skills so they can handle just about any dental problem.

Pediatric Dentistry

Being a pediatric dentist does take a specific type of training that not all dental professionals have. Dealing with the pediatric population comes with not just educational training; it also requires a patient personality style that offers a gentler approach. Children are notorious for having anxiety and fear related to going to the dentist. Before you choose your family dentist, see what type of experience they have with children and what their philosophy about treating them is. The relationship that your child has with their dentist early on can greatly affect their seeking dental care in their adult years, so choose wisely!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Just a decade ago, cosmetic dentistry was not a standard option for dental professionals. Things like Invisalign and dental crowns used to be specialized care, but now many dental offices and clinicians are adding cosmetic procedures to their list. That means you don’t have to go from appointment to appointment or specialist to specialist. Your dental cleanings and cosmetic care can all be addressed by one person – and sometimes in one visit.


Botox is an amazing tool for things like migraine headaches, TMJ, and also cosmetically to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Who would know the muscles of the face better than a dentist? They spend years studying how all the muscles work and where they are. Botox is just one awesome addition to your family dentist list. You can have them address your TMJ pain or schedule your cleaning with Botox injections on the same day and cut down on time spent at appointments.

Emergency Care

When you have a dental emergency, it isn’t like other health emergencies where you can just head to the ER. Thankfully, dental clinics are now adding emergency services to their list. When looking for a family dentist, try to find one with emergency services and walk-in clinic hours. The last thing you want to do is search for a stranger to care for you or your youngster amid chaos.

The best kind of family dentist in Summerville, SC can handle whatever dental issue you have in one place. It takes a lot of education and experience to deal with pediatric dentistry to emergency care and everything in-between. At Solomon Dentistry, we specialize in all things dental. Schedule all of your family’s appointments online today and let us take care of all of your oral needs.

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