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//Why Your Charleston Dentist Recommends A Root Canal

Why Your Charleston Dentist Recommends A Root Canal

Why Your Charleston Dentist Recommends A Root Canal

Charleston Dentist | A root canal is an emergency procedure to stop an infection from costing you your tooth. When bacteria thrive in the tissues deep within the tooth, your Charleston dentist may recommend a root canal to clear out the infection and protect your tooth from further damage.

What is a Root Canal?

The tissue inside your tooth, called the pulp, can become infected when an injury or severe cavity go untreated. If too much time passes, the tooth becomes too damaged and must be removed. A root canal aims to treat the infection before extraction becomes necessary.

If your Charleston dentist believes a root canal can help, they may recommend you to a root canal specialist, called an endodontist. The procedure usually takes two visits to complete.

First, the dentist or specialist uses a needle to numb the tooth with local anesthesia. The specialist may insert a small piece of rubber called a dental dam to keep the tooth clean and dry during the procedure. Once the tooth is numb, the specialist uses a small drill to open up the top portion of the tooth. From this entry point, the specialist can use small files to clean out damaged and diseased pulp from inside the tooth. The specialist may rinse the inside of the tooth with water to clear out any remaining pulp and inject an antibacterial solution to kill remaining bacteria and prevent future infections.

When the inside of the tooth is clean and dry, the specialist fills it with a rubber-like material. The filling is temporarily sealed off while a permanent crown is a custom-made for you. At your next visit to your Charleston dentist, you’re ready for a permanent crown to cover and protect the top of your tooth. You may need to schedule another visit for an X-Ray to make sure all signs of the infection are gone.

Choose a Charleston dentist that can perform your root canal effortlessly. Call Solomon Dental where dental services are provided 7 days a week at 843-633-8796.

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