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//Why a Pediatric Dentist Might Be the Best Option to Calm Your Little One’s Nerves

Why a Pediatric Dentist Might Be the Best Option to Calm Your Little One’s Nerves

As an adult, it is sometimes difficult to remember how scary certain things can be for children. For anyone who has ever had a bad experience at the dentist, those memories tend to stick with you. And unfortunately, that can dissuade you from getting the regular dental health that you need well into adulthood. The key to good dental health is regular exams and checkups, which is why we go to great lengths to calm the fears of our pediatric patients and make sure that every visit is as anxiety-free and pleasant as possible. Children take a special touch, so finding a professional who understands and deals primarily with younger children is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome.

Pediatric Dentists are More Kid-Friendly

Dental offices can be, well, stale. Other than some magazines and pamphlets lying around, there aren’t many things that help to distract a child, make their time more enjoyable, and put their fears to rest. A pediatric dental office has the right components to engage your child, both while they are waiting and during the procedure itself. We want the dentist’s office to be warm, inviting, and less institutional to help calm any fears that your little one might have.

Light-Hearted Tools and Equipment

Things like masks and tubes can be anxiety-provoking for children. It isn’t just about the size of the tools and equipment that you use; it is also about making them appear friendlier to children. Things like scented masks or silicone animal-themed covers help to lighten the mood and make children less afraid to put something on. Again, the goal of a pediatric dentist is to take the fear out of oral care.

A Friendly Demeanor and Love of Children

Not all people are comfortable with little children, nor do they have the patience to take the time to do little extra things to put them at ease. Our dentists went into pediatric dentistry specifically because they enjoy working with children. Having a friendly, warm, and engaging spirit can help children feel at ease. Our team works very hard to make every child both feel comfortable and listened to. Children, just like adults, like to feel as if they have some control, so talking with your child and taking the time to explain things to them makes them feel like they are part of the process.


The types of things that a pediatric dentist commonly deals with differ from general dentistry. Children have a different set of concerns to be addressed. Things like sealants, checking for the health of baby teeth, spotting issues that need to be evaluated by an orthodontist, and other special precautions are all part of dealing with younger populations. When you work with children all day, you see all sorts of things that help you to gain the experience that someone who works primarily with adults might not see regularly. Pediatric dentists also complete an additional two years of residency after dental school, usually in a hospital setting. Not only are they experts in child behavior, but they are also fluent in pediatric medicine and how that impacts oral health care.

Understanding Anxiety

Most of the patients we meet who have anxiety do so because of earlier experiences from their dental past. Our dentists can spot signs of anxiety in our pediatric patients and take steps to reduce it as much as possible. Things like laughing gas and other tools can all help to make a child’s dental procedure as anxiety-free as possible. We want to build a relationship with our pediatric patients that helps them to want to see us again — and regularly – without fear.

All dentists are qualified to deal with pediatric patients, but as dental needs for a child become more complex, a pediatric dentist may be most appropriate. It does take a certain personality type to understand the fears that children have, to have patience, and to have the intuition to make your child’s dental visit anxiety-free. Our pediatric dentists’ goal is to have your child smiling both when they enter and as they leave, every time, no matter what. Contact us to make your child’s dental appointment today.

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