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//What Do Emergency Dentists Do?

What Do Emergency Dentists Do?

What Do Emergency Dentists Do?

Emergency dentists are available in most large cities and are open on weekends and after regular office hours including overnight sometimes. An emergency dentist in Charleston, SC is easy to find because the city is so large but knowing if you actually need one or if your oral health concern can wait until office hours can be tricky.

There are some procedures that an emergency dentist Charleston SC is not appropriate for. You would not go to the emergency dentist for teeth cleaning or having a cavity filled. Patients that need cosmetic treatment such as whitening would also not see an emergency dentist. While emergency dentist probably knows how to do all of these treatments, their specialty is devoted to emergencies and their time needs to be free for such. If a patient visits an emergency dental clinic and their concern is not an emergency, they will be referred to follow up with their general dentist during regular office hours.

There are certain things that do constitute a dental emergency, however, and if you are experiencing any of the following, you should visit your nearest emergency room or your emergency dentist Charleston SC.

  • Trauma to the mouth that results in broken or displaced teeth
  • The injury that results in teeth being lost
  • Bleeding that will not stop
  • Lacerations to the gums, tongue or mouth
  • Extreme pain that is not controlled with over the counter medication and inhibits your daily activities

If you experience a dental problem and are not sure if it is an emergency or not, call your nearest emergency dentist Charleston SC and someone will be happy to triage your problem over the phone. You can also call 911 and explain your concerns. Operators will instruct you whether to visit your local emergency room or not.

Solomon Dentistry provides excellent around the clock emergency dental care. If you need to speak to a dental professional contact Solomon Dentistry today!

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