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//When Tooth Pain Means You Should See A Dentist in Summerville

When Tooth Pain Means You Should See A Dentist in Summerville

When Tooth Pain Means You Should See A Dentist in Summerville

Dentist in Summerville | Chances are you’ve probably experienced some level of tooth pain before. Occasional discomfort or mild sensitivity in your mouth, teeth or gums is probably not an emergency. Problems that don’t last longer than a day or two can usually wait for your next regular checkup to address with your dentist. Depending on the problem and the level of pain you’re experiencing, you may want to call a dentist in Summerville sooner rather than later.

What Tooth Pain Can Mean

A mild toothache or tooth pain can be a sign that you’ve developed a cavity. Cavities aren’t emergency dental issues, but it is important to address the problem before it gets worse. Give your dentist a call to find out whether you should have the tooth looked at. You can help manage any pain with a cold compress or ice, pain-relieving oral gel, or over-the-counter medication.

Sometimes tooth pain can become nearly unbearable, even with pain medication and other remedies, disrupting work, sleep, and mealtimes. The source of the pain may be tooth decay, an infection or an injury to the tooth. If your pain is ongoing and is getting in the way of everyday life, make an appointment with a dentist in Summerville.

If you experience occasional swelling and bleeding of the gums, it could indicate gingivitis, the early stages of gum disease. You may also have a dental abscess or infection. Tell your dentist about the issue at your next regular checkup so they can check your mouth for signs of disease or abscess.

Often plaque build-up on your teeth can irritate your gums, causing them to swell and bleed. Practicing good oral hygiene can help control and prevent plaque. Be sure to floss daily and brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush. If your symptoms persist after making these changes, it’s time to see a dentist in Summerville to get to the bottom of the problem. Call Solomon Dental where dental services are provided 7 days a week at 843-633-8798.


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