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//Summerville Dentist | Straightening Your Teeth

Summerville Dentist | Straightening Your Teeth

Summerville Dentist | Straightening Your Teeth

Having a straight smile is very important to a lot of people, and there are a lot of methods your Summerville dentist can use to help you achieve the teeth straightening you want. While there are more and more at-home options for this, results can be dissatisfying and inconsistent. Without the assistance of a dentist, it can also be dangerous. The best results for teeth whitening will always be from your dentist.

Braces and Invisalign

Of course, traditional braces are always an option for you to use to straighten your teeth. Braces are affixed into your mouth and use the pressure of small adjustable wires that run through brackets to fix and align your teeth and jaw. This is usually done over several years and requires a retainer afterward for upkeep. Braces prevent specific dietary options like gum and sticky foods. Invisalign is a newer technology that uses thermoplastic aligners to apply pressure to your teeth in a gentle way that will slowly move them into the right place. You have to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily but can be removed while you eat so there are no restrictions on what you can eat.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want a faster teeth straightening method, porcelain veneers are the way to go. This is because your teeth aren’t actually being shifted in this process. Over about two dental appointments, small, custom-made porcelain pieces cover each of your crooked teeth to bring a straight, white perfect smile. These can usually last about 10 years and are resistant to staining. Given this is a purely cosmetic procedure, most insurances will not cover the cost of porcelain veneers.

If you find yourself wanting a straighter smile, consult your Summerville dentist about what your options are and which one is best for you. Call Solomon Dentistry to see how they can help straighten your smile at 843-871-0842.


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