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//Perfect Smile with Dentist Summerville, SC

Perfect Smile with Dentist Summerville, SC

Perfect Smile with Dentist Summerville, SC

Dentist Summerville, SC | Everyone wants the perfect smile with the perfect straight teeth and sometimes you need a little help getting there. There are a few different methods and treatments to help get you the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. At-home straightening remedies can often lead to unsatisfying and inconsistent results, which is why you should always leave the straightening to your dentist Summerville, SC so it can be done right the first time.

Braces or Invisalign

Traditional braces involve adhering small brackets to your teeth and running small wires through them which can be adjusted, slowly pushing teeth into their proper place with a little pressure. This process generally takes several years to complete and usually requires a retainer afterwards for upkeep. Braces do have certain dietary restrictions when it comes to gum and sticky foods but may be a small sacrifice to get the straight teeth you want.

Invisalign is a newer method for straightening your teeth using thermoplastic aligners to apply pressure to your teeth in a very gently way which slowly moves your teeth into place. You do have to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day for the best results, taking them out only to eat and for oral hygiene rituals.

Porcelain Veneers

A faster method to straighten your teeth is with porcelain veneers which doesn’t actually involve shifting your teeth. Instead, your dentist Summerville, SC will apply small custom-made porcelain veneers over your existing teeth to give the appearance of straighter teeth. Veneers can last about 10 years and are resistant to staining. However, since this is only cosmetic, most insurances will not cover it.

To learn more about what teeth straightening option may be best for you, visit your dentist Summerville, SC at Solomon Family Dentistry and let them help you figure out what it best for you.

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