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Special Needs Dentistry

We treat ALL children with special healthcare needs as well as treat children with complex medical needs such as Autism and Intellectual Disability/Developmental disability. We will work with the child’s pediatricians and medical specialists to make sure they get the safest, most effective dental care tailored to the unique needs of their child.

One of the most challenging things about taking your kids to the dentist, is getting past their basic fears and anxiety about a stranger using big, scary, metal tools in your mouth. So, if your child has nerves about their appointment, they are not alone! Read more below to find out what kinds of special needs we are able to accommodate. If you don’t see it listed, but your child does have an issue you’d like to address with us, just give us a call and we can chat!

ADHD, fear of loud noises and tools, sensitive teeth and anxiety?

We use traditional comforting tactics and do our best to make children feel at ease when they’re in our office. General dentist offices can feel cold and scary – our Pediatric Dentistry Locations have bright colors on the walls, plenty of toys and all your kids’ favorite movies, tv shows and music! To show your child how fun our office can be, feel free to come by our office for a tour before your appointment!

It’s okay to bribe them, we have stickers, too!

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Our pediatric dentist aren’t just experts at treating the common pediatric dental conditions listed above, they also have extensive training and experience in treating complex dental issues, and working with children who have severe behavioral or medical issues. If you have questions about an issue that wasn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to give Summerville’s leading dentist for kids call so we can properly understand and address your problems!

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