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//Getting Charleston Dental Implants

Getting Charleston Dental Implants

Getting Charleston Dental Implants

Charleston Dental implants have really improved and helped shape the possibilities of dental reconstruction for those seeking a solution for tooth loss or those with dentures. With this constantly improving technology, it makes it possible for dentists in Charleston to improve the look and feel of your teeth. Often times, tooth loss due to decay, trauma, or disease can be embarrassing, frustrating, and make simple tasks more complicated.

Dental implants are actually just a replacement for the root of a natural tooth, anchoring into the jaw bone just like your natural tooth root. After surgery, they are not seen but used to keep crowns, bridgework, and dentures secured in place. Dental implants are made of titanium due to its durable but lightweight properties, plus they’re biocompatible, meaning your body will not reject them.

They provide both fixed permanent or removable solutions for those who have a specific need or preference. Dental implants make speech and eating much easier due to the secure attachment. They’re generally more comfortable than an alternate salutation and provide a more improved appearance as well. In Charleston, you can see a dentist about your particular situation to see if you’re a candidate for this surgical procedure.

You’ll have to be evaluated before receiving dental implants. They’re not for everyone but most with healthy gums and jaw bones should be able to undergo the procedure, though each case is different. In Charleston, dental implants require the same care as your natural teeth, including brushing, flossing, and mouthwash multiple times a day to make sure your oral health stays intact.

To find out more about your Charleston dental implants options, and if this surgical procedure may be right for you, contact your local Charleston dental office, Solomon Family Dentistry for a consultation or comprehensive evaluation.

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