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//Emergency Dentist | What is A Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist | What is A Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist | What is A Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist | Tooth pain can be a real hassle and ruin our plans. You wouldn’t think that such a tiny little tooth could cause you so much pain, but toothaches can become unbearable. How do you know when your toothache or a dental problem constitutes a trip to an emergency dentist Charleston SC?

There are a few specific instances where calling a dentist Charleston SC is absolutely the right thing to do.

  1. Knocked out Tooth- If your tooth is knocked out due to the trauma, you need to see an emergency dentist. If you see a dentist right away and the tooth is whole, they may be able to reinsert and save the tooth. If your tooth is knocked out, make sure to avoid touching the root, keep it clean by rinsing it off. If you can, reinsert the tooth and hold it in place while you go to the dentist. If you can’t reinsert it or can’t go immediately to the dentist, place the tooth in a container with milk.
  2. Broken Teeth- If your tooth becomes broken you need to call your emergency dentist Charleston SC. When a tooth is broken, fractured, or cracked, it can leave jagged edges and be extremely painful. If the chipped tooth is not causing any pain though, you don’t need to call an emergency dentist.
  3. Mouth Wounds- If you sustain an injury inside of your mouth such as punctures, lacerations, or lip, cheek and tongue tears, you need to call the emergency dentist Charleston SC. These types of injuries can sometimes warrant oral surgery and need to be addressed immediately.

If you experience any uncontrollable bleeding or intense pain that is not controlled by pain relievers, you should make an emergency dental appointment. If you have an injury or a tooth is knocked out, do not take ibuprofen or aspirin as this medication can make bleeding worse. If you need emergency dentist Charleston SC, contact Solomon Dentistry now!


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