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The Right Way To Whiten

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Dentists | In today’s world, a sparkling white smile is sought after so much, at-home kits and remedies are popping up every day. But are they the best way? At-home trays, strips, toothpaste, and bleaching products must be used over a more extended period of time and are less safe than having it done by a professional in the office. In this controlled environment, the dentist can ensure the teeth whitening procedure is pain-free, using thicker peroxide gels and desensitizers like potassium nitrate and fluoride for those who suffer from tooth and gum sensitivity.

Although in office treatments are more costly compared to at-home treatments on average, roughly $650 in office versus around $400 for high-end take-home kits, the office treatments are also more expedient, producing much faster results. Results with dental office teeth whitening treatments tend to be more consistent though, in-office bleaching, like at-home bleaching, is not a permanent solution and requires follow-up care and maintenance. Results for at-home kits tend to have varied and unreliable results, often resulting in performing more treatments, which can become a costly endeavor.

In-office teeth whitening treatments work best for stains caused by tobacco use, consumption of foods and drinks like coffee or wine, and aging, which yellows the teeth over time. Not all stains can be removed with in-office treatments, such as overexposure to fluoride or trauma.

Is It Right For You?

In-office teeth whitening isn’t recommended for everyone. Some issues and conditions cannot be accommodated with in-office treatments. If you have gum or tooth hypersensitivity, your dentist may recommend take-home trays with a lower carbamide peroxide concentration. Some staining is too dark and resistant to high concentration bleaches. In such cases, your dentist may recommend crowns or veneers. Teeth start to become transparent as they age, especially the front teeth, and in this case, teeth whitening will not be helpful. Consult with your dentist about what options are best for your teeth whitening needs and come to a decision together.

If you are interested in in-office teeth whitening, call Solomon Dentistry at 843-871-0842.

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