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//Dentist Summerville SC | A Dental Deep Cleaning May Be Necessary

Dentist Summerville SC | A Dental Deep Cleaning May Be Necessary

Dentist Summerville SC | A Dental Deep Cleaning May Be Necessary

Dentist Summerville SC | Biannual visits to the dentist for cleaning is pretty standard for most people. However, sometimes if you haven’t been to the dentist in some time or you have other oral health issues such as gingivitis, you may need something a little stronger than the regular dental cleaning, you may need a deep dental cleaning from a dentist Summerville SC.

What is A Deep Cleaning?

 Deep cleaning is similar to regular cleaning but it will include root planing and scaling. This is where tartar and plaque buildup is scraped away from below the gum line in pockets (scaling). This use to be done with sharp tools but cannot be down using laser or sonic instruments depending on which technology your dentist Summerville SC prefers or has available to them. Root planing is when the dentist actually removes plaque from the tooth root.

Effects of A Deep Clean

 A deep clean is usually successful to treat gingivitis and gum disease but does require a follow-up appointment. Gums should start to become healthier after just a few weeks if the dental patient follows the aftercare instruction provided by their dentist Summerville SC and keeps up on their oral hygiene. Some patients may have sensitivity following a deep cleaning and should avoid cold and hot foods or beverages. Your dentist Summerville SC may also prescribe an oral rinse to use twice per day to keep bacteria out of the pockets between your teeth and gums while the gums are healing.

What if A Deep Cleaning Doesn’t Help?

 Your dentist will perform deep cleanings and see you in every three months. If there is no progress made after the second deep cleaning, your dentist will most likely refer you to a periodontist for a surgical consultation as an option for reversing periodontal disease (gum disease).

If you are interested in scheduling a deep cleaning with a dentist Summerville SC, contact Solomon Dentistry Today!

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