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//Dental Office Summerville | Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Dental Office Summerville | Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Dental Office Summerville | Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Dental Office Summerville | X-rays use very high electromagnetic energy on a short wavelength to produce an image of the internal composition of something. In dental x-rays, the image will be of the teeth, jaw, and facial bones. X-rays produce radiation which is harmful to people, and many patients wonder if dental x-rays are really necessary or safe for them to have. At Solomon Dental office Summerville SC, dental x-rays are a routine part of patient treatment and considered safe for patients—even children and pregnant women with the proper protection.

Medical radiation is standard in the dental industry, in fact, dental x-rays are the only medical radiation that is routinely given to large numbers of people on a regular basis. Dental x-rays in dental offices Summerville SC are used to see tissue, bones, and tiny cracks in the surfaces of your teeth that are invisible to the naked eye. Dental x-rays can tell a dentist if your wisdom teeth will grow in impacted so that you can prepare for oral surgery in the future. Dental X-rays can also show decay and tiny cavities that, when caught early, can be treated, preventing teeth from decaying or falling out.

How Often Should I Get Dental X-Rays?

 The American Dental Association lays out guidelines for healthy patients and x-ray frequency. On average, children should only need x-rays every one to two years, teens should get them every one and a half to three years, and adults should just need x-rays every two to three years. If you are a dental office Summerville SC patient who is high risk for cavities or other oral health problems, you may need to get dental x-rays done more often. Most dental insurance providers will cover one set of x-rays per year.

Your dentist should provide a thyroid collar for children that goes around their neck; this decreases the risk of thyroid cancer caused by radiation. Your dental office Summerville SC should also provide lead vests or shields that go over your chest and abdomen. While these protections are not always necessary depending on the type of x-ray you are getting, they should be available if requested.

If you have questions about your dental x-rays and if you need some done, contact Solomon Dentistry today!

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