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//Dental Office Summerville, SC for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dental Office Summerville, SC for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dental Office Summerville, SC for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dental Office Summerville | Between the ages of 17 and 21, most people get their third molars, more commonly known as your wisdom teeth, since they come at a more mature age. Sometimes these wisdom teeth can come in correctly and when that occurs, they can join the rest of your teeth to help aid in chewing.

However, more often than not, wisdom teeth are removed as they can lead to many different issues when growing in incorrectly or are improperly placed. A dental office Summerville, SC can help determine what you need by taking x-rays and doing a formal exam.

Your dentist should monitor for misplaced wisdom teeth which could cause gaps where food can get stuck and bacteria can grow there. Wisdom teeth that don’t grow in properly can also cause issue with flossing between them and the molars next to them. If you’re mouth doesn’t have room for your wisdom teeth to grow in, they may crowd or damage surrounding teeth as well. If wisdom teeth are only partially through the gum line, bacteria can enter the gums and create an infection. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted, meaning they’re stuck under the gum line or in the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause cysts and destroy bone support.

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed in a dental office Summerville, SC for many different reasons. They can cause pain when trying to grow in, become infected, cause cysts or tumors, damage neighboring teeth, cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Before making any decisions, your dentist will take x-rays and examine your mouth, so you can both discuss the best course of treatment and action.

If you are beginning to experience pain, swelling or discomfort in your back teeth, it may be a sign of impending wisdom teeth. Contact Solomon Family Dentistry, a dental office in Summerville, SC to schedule an appointment.

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