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//Dental Office Summerville | What to Expect At Your First Dental Appointment

Dental Office Summerville | What to Expect At Your First Dental Appointment

Dental Office Summerville | What to Expect At Your First Dental Appointment

If you haven’t been to a dental office Summerville, SC in a while, you might be wondering what will happen during your first appointment. Depending on why you are making this initial appointment will determine what kind of treatment you will be receiving; however, there are a few procedures that every new patient can expect at a dental office Summerville SC


Every new patient to a dentist needs to fill out a few forms and releases. These include your patient information and insurance information, medical history, symptoms, and privacy forms. If you book an appointment in advance a dental office, Summerville SC will most likely mail you the forms to complete ahead of the appointment. If you do not fill out the forms ahead of time, make sure to arrive at your appointment fifteen minutes early to get everything signed before your appointment is supposed to start.


In order for the dentist to get a good picture of your oral health, they will need to take x-rays of your mouth. This includes your tooth roots, jawline, and parts of your face. Your dentist will provide you with a lead vest to wear to protect against radiation. There is very little radiation used in dental x-rays, and these are generally considered safe for all people. Pregnant women should consult with their obstetrician before getting x-rays done and should always disclose pregnancy to their dentists.


Patients at their first appointment may get teeth cleaning. Cleaning is usually performed by the dental hygienist and includes flossing and polishing the teeth. The dental hygienist will be paying close attention to plaque and your gums. They will also flush your mouth out with water and use a suction tool to keep your mouth dry during other parts of the cleaning such as polishing. You may be offered an optional fluoride treatment.


Each new patient will receive an exam with the dentist. They will check for cavities, gingivitis, oral cancer, general oral health, and talk to you about other options such as teeth whitening, deep cleanings, root canals, or other treatments you may need. Most of the time, these treatments need to be scheduled for future appointments.

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