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//Why Dental Crowns Aren’t The Only Dental Procedure You May Need

Why Dental Crowns Aren’t The Only Dental Procedure You May Need

Why Dental Crowns Aren’t The Only Dental Procedure You May Need

Dental Crowns | You may have heard about dental crowns as a solution to discolored, damaged or broken teeth. A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic device used to cover the entire visible portion of your tooth. While dental crowns are a common dental procedure, your dentist may recommend other procedures to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

Options to Fix Your Smile

Sometimes a tooth is too severely damaged for a dental crown. In this case, your dentist may need to extract the tooth. Your dentist can fill the resulting gap with a false tooth using a bridge.

Like a dental crown, a bridge is a fixed prosthetic device used to improve the strength and appearance of your teeth. A bridge consists of two caps connected to a false tooth or teeth in the middle. The crowns are cemented onto the teeth surrounding the gap, anchoring the device in place. Bridges and crowns help prevent your teeth from shifting out of place and creating an improper bite.

Your dentist may use veneers to fix chipped, decaying, or discolored teeth. A veneer is a thin piece of ceramic or resin that is bonded to your tooth. Your dentist may also use veneers to close small gaps between teeth.

Bonding is another procedure to restore chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth. Your dentist will apply a composite resin to the tooth, and once it’s hardened, shape the material to match the rest of the tooth. Your dentist can match the composite to the color of your existing teeth for a natural look.

A tooth that is injured, broken or decaying can develop an abscess or infection. A root canal is a procedure to open the tooth and clean out any infected soft tissues below the hard outer layer. Root canals are an effective way to treat damage and disease, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

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