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CEREC – Same Day Crowns

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic REConstruction)

As technological improvements occur in all facets of modern-day dentistry, Solomon Family Dentistry aspires to be an industry leader. One way in which we have accomplished this is by our use of CEREC technology to provide SAME DAY CROWNS! CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic REConstruction, and was created and continually improved by Dentsply Sirona (a leading dental distributor and technologically innovative company.)

What is CEREC and how does this technology work?

CEREC has revolutionized the way our office works in three primary ways. These ways are as follows: Digital impressions, reduction in visits, and more lifelike restorations. What does this mean for you?

Digital impressions have reduced, and almost eliminated the need for the traditional old impression material that tasted horrible, caused gagging, and placed your mouth in horrible positions for long lengths of time. These digital impressions use an intraoral camera that scans your teeth and creates a model that is as or more accurate than the traditional old impressions could do. Furthermore, this digital impression allows us to evaluate your teeth and gums immediately so the most precise restoration can be fabricated for you. This immediate evaluation lets us know if any modifications need to be made and helps to eliminate those visits that patients had in the past of restorations not fitting precisely and having to be sent back to the lab for a remake.

With this improved digital impression, we have not only achieved everything mentioned, but we can also make your restorations in our office in the SAME DAY!

This technology is eliminating the multiple visits to us for one crown, the temporary that might break, or the need of being given anesthetic (or the shot) multiple times for one tooth. The need for everything to be done now and not later is no more evident than what CEREC provides our office.

With the improved impression and reduced time, it takes for you to receive this restoration could there be any more advantages? The answer is YES!

Restorations with CEREC use a variety of ceramics to produce the most lifelike, but functionally supportive restoration for you. This technology has given us different types of ceramics so that we can provide you a beautiful restoration that we can also warranty like we have for the past 40 years. These all ceramic restorations eliminate what patients have disliked about crowns in the past, and that is that graying area at the gum when they smile. With no base metal in any of these restorations this common problem in the past has now been eliminated.

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